Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a co-op action-RPG about slaying your deities

Almighty: Kill Your Gods is a co-op action-RPG about slaying your deities

Runwild Entertainment has been a rental work studio since its founding in 2016. It is now presenting its first original project – Almighty: Kill Your Gods, a cooperative action RPG on PC and consoles later this year. He made the announcement today at the Presentation of the independent game Guerrilla Collective, a fully digital event that developed after the cancellation of the annual entertainment industry fair Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Versus Evil publishes Almighty, and that fits with the company’s MO: finding intriguing games in independent studios and helping them market their products. Versus Evil has a special affinity for RPGs, with characters like The Banner Saga and Pillars of Eternity: Deadfire. You and your cooperative partners face giant monsters and evil gods, and in some ways, it sounds like games like Monster Hunter and Dauntless.

In Almighty, you play the role of an alpha. They are magic warriors who use the power of their ancestors to succeed in their exploits against the oppressors of the people, the Elder Gods, who have a tyrannical hold on the world of Anun.

Your weapons are a set of magic gauntlets, which can succeed in both ranged and melee attacks. How? ‘Or’ What? You can throw fireballs like a wizard at a magician’s fair. You make gauntlets out of mighty stones and other loot that you get from your fallen enemies. Powers include shooting ice, healing your friends, and creating magic shields.

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Kill your gods

The gods of the world are not nice. They turned their worshipers into slaves. And people have had enough, ready to reject these beings.

“You are killing gods to get under their tentacles of oppression and topple the tables,” said creative director Darran Thomas, co-founder of Runwild. “You now feed on them where they once fed on you. [It] it turns out that a divine heart is rather tasty and feeds a family of four for a month. You start the game with them who have just harvested your home island for resources, and you have to rebuild and fight. “

But if you can kill them, are they really gods? Or are they deceiving you into believing that they are gods?

“There are a lot of gods in the game world, well, [they’re] they are not really gods, but mighty beings and the first type you meet are the elder gods, ”said Thomas. “These tentacle-like creatures use technology to harness magic and look like businesses in their organization. They represent order and are authoritarian in nature. They spread influence over your land, devouring everything in their quest for progress. “

Who are you?

No, you’re not Batman. You are an alpha. These warriors lead the fight against the so-called ancient gods. And they have more than a touch of lycanthropy.

“An alpha takes responsibility for protecting and providing for their people, and in this world, they happen to be creatures resembling werewolves,” said Thomas. “The tribe of players is called Kun Anun, who comes from Welsh Cwn Annwn, which means “Hounds of Otherworld”, where the initial inspiration comes from. There are various mythological stories about these characters, they were then called “Hounds of Hell”, which we think have the right level of playfulness. “

Why almighty?

Thomas and his co-founders launched Runwild in 2016. It was a work studio, but they wanted to create a game that would get people to play together.

“We wanted to create a game that encouraged cooperative play in a seamless multiplayer experience, where you could hunt as a lone wolf for one minute and fight a god in an alpha pack the next,” he said. “Where you don’t just focus on individual character progression, but have a sense of family and home. Kind of like having a real-world house and family with 9-5 work, but that job involves chasing and killing monsters and gods, and making sure those monsters and gods don’t end up eat your house and your family. “

Runwild will have more details on Almighty later this year.

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