Amazon announces New World closed beta on July 23 and unveils combat system

Amazon announces New World closed beta on July 23 and unveils combat system

During the PC Game Fair today, Amazon Games announced that his New world The massively multiplayer online game will be available in closed beta on July 23. The company has also revealed new details about the combat system for colonial era online gaming. The game is in development for years, and this represents a great test of Amazon’s entry into the gaming industry, after its May launch Crucible team shooting game.

The closed beta will be the first massive test in the New World. It will be for players who pre-ordered the game. The Open World MMO will launch on August 25 on PC. The alpha version has already been available for about 19 weeks, said David Verfaillie, New World player experience manager, in an interview with GamesBeat.

“The big thing we want to see is how the game holds up,” said Verfaillie. “We want to know how well the servers are doing, how lag-free the game will be, and how good the frame rate is.” We are going to get a lot of information about how it works. “

PvP Fight

Amazon also begins the battle tree and the way battles unfold as players compete and fight the environment. The game pits players from three different factions against the haunted desert of Aeternum, a mysterious island in the twilight of the era of exploration.

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At the gates of a New World fortress.

Above: At the gates of a New World fortress.

Image Credit: Amazon

Your success in the New World ultimately depends on their ability to conquer not only rival factions, but legions of the undead or corrupt souls who want to purge the humans of the island. You can take part in huge player-to-player battles, where one faction can declare war on another in a region and try to take control of a fortress in half an hour. The siege pits 50 players against 50 others in a battle for control of a fortress.

To wage a war, a faction must gain a foothold in a territory and then declare war. Players prepare for the big fight, but war can only happen at a certain time of the day, so battles all night long won’t leave players exhausted. In large siege battles, attackers can place their siege weapons wherever they want to break the walls. The winning faction takes control of the territory and collects tax revenue from the region, helping the winning team grow faster.

“It’s a pretty cool system that has a lot of moving parts,” said Verfaillie. The team will also test the economy’s prosperity as it plays and distributes commercial goods, added Verfaillie.

PvE battles

You can also fight the undead or corrupted creatures and take on great leaders in player-against-environment (PvE) combat. New World has dynamic moments in which corruption appears in certain parts of the world, and players have to band together to stifle it. Players can initiate warfare in a PvE environment where they collectively fight against corrupt enemies such as giant bears.

Above: New World PvE is fighting the corrupt.

Image Credit: Amazon

The game will have seven weapons at launch, including a few magic weapons with a full magic system. Each weapon has a control system that allows players to customize their equipment, according to different progress trees. You can develop your weapons to offer more support, healing, or damage. You can use blades or pistols.

“There are a lot of opportunities for emerging gameplay,” said Verfaillie. “We think this mix allows players to get to know the experience and have a more organized experience, and it also gives them the opportunity to create their own stories. And I think it’s really interesting, another part of the value proposition that helps us differentiate ourselves is our environment in the 17th century. “

Verfaillie said the alpha tests have helped the team discover how players will operate the systems. The team has added more directed content and quests that help players integrate faction gameplay and use a stick to fight corrupt creatures. The team has also changed the way you can fire a magic staff at a target. Earlier, a player was locked in one position. You can now modify the objective if necessary. You can also cancel attacks more freely, switch between weapons and move to different targets.

The missions will reveal pieces of a larger mystery that players will discover.

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