Baldur's Gate 3 could hit Steam Early Access in August

Baldur’s Gate 3 could hit Steam Early Access in August

Larian Studios said that Baldur’s Gate III could hit Early Steam Access in August. He made the announcement today as part of the Presentation of the independent game Guerrilla Collective, a fully digital event that developed after the cancellation of the annual entertainment industry fair Electronic Entertainment Expo.

Larian is a big proponent of the Early Access development model: he released both Divinity: Original Sin and its sequel, giving players a chance not only to get a taste of the game, but also to provide feedback. Developers then take these comments and fix bugs and other issues, adjust unbalanced systems, tighten narration, etc. Small developers also use this model to finance their projects.

Baldur’s Gate III is a turn-based role-playing game that takes place Dungeons & Dragons“Setting the Forgotten Realms. The first two games in the series are among the best RPGs ever, making BioWare a leading creator in the genre. This game, at least so far, includes the town of Baldur’s Gate, but the main story shows that the player character is trying to stop his transformation into a Illithid (aka Mind Flayer), one of the D&DThe most powerful and nasty evils, before it is too late. We don’t know how the previous accounts of being a Child of Bhaal (the god of murder of the Kingdoms) comes into play. The god is alive and stabbed in the 5th edition of D&D, after all (and in the adventure unfolding before Baldur’s Gate III – Descent into Avernus).

Larian has made some changes since our last visit. Studio boss Swen Winke noted that they had changed the way they worked on storytelling and noted a number of visual and gameplay improvements. He also said he would play it live during next week’s D&D Live on June 18, giving viewers a choice between killing a hobgoblin villain or going down to the Underdark, the magical and dangerous realm of caves and horrors under Faerûn (the Forgotten Realms) ‘world).

With the Divinity: Original Sin series, Larian (like BioWare before him) has also established itself as a first RPG studio. The two games have sold over a million copies.

Update, 10:11 a.m .: When I posted, Winke had not said that the plan to launch early access in August could be delayed by COVID-19. I updated it.

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