Beat Saber AR concept envisions little lightsaber fingers

Beat Saber AR concept envisions little lightsaber fingers

We saw a lot of fun and intriguing concepts for Daniel Beauchamp, aka @pushmatrix on Twitter, but his latest reimagine for AR something that has become an icon of VR design.

The idea sees blue and red lightsabers coming out of the fingertips for a miniature table version of Beat Saber. he tweeted three videos showing different aspects of the idea he conceived with a 3D model of an airplane seat and filled with Beat Saber cubes. He put it all together in Unity with a few visual effects to bring the idea home.

In other words, it’s not a real game (you won’t get the kind of dexterity and low latency required to remove this from the current Oculus Quest manual tracking), but the concept is nevertheless an intriguing representation of a classic of virtual reality adapted to augmented reality.

Beauchamp leads AR / VR efforts at Shopify and has tweeted in recent months various videos he made – most of which went viral – illustrating various concepts with the Oculus Quest manual tracking system. You can also enter Hand space on Sidequest if you have a quest and want to test some experiences yourself.

I asked Beauchamp a direct message on what he wanted to explore with this last experience. He explained:

I think a lot about the way AR / VR headsets will be worn in public and the types of games we will play on the go. You’re obviously not going to stand in Beat Saber on a train. This exploration was done to see if hand tracking + AR headsets could open up a new type of game. Could we carry some of our favorite VR titles in small, more discreet play spaces? Plus, I wanted to feel what it would be like to have lightsaber fingers.

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