Blade & Sorcery launches out of early access June 4 on Oculus and Steam

Blade & Sorcery launches out of early access June 4 on Oculus and Steam

The new trailer for Update 8, the huge “Sorcery Update” for Blade and Witchcraft reveals that it will hit the Steam and Oculus Home for Rift platforms on June 4.

One of the recurring jokes on this game is that since it made its early access debut, the title has been half a lie. It’s called Blade & Sorcery, but it’s really just focused on blades and other melee weapons with almost every update. Now it finally changes.

In the trailer above, you can see tons of new spells, like a Gravity spell that lets you levitate enemies and even push the air like a Jedi Force Push power. There are flaming swords, lightning sticks and much more. That’s a lot to deal with, not to mention the brand new massive map of the Citadel.

A specific new feature that I want to highlight is armor penetration. From now on, enemies will wear three different levels of armor (fabric, leather and plate), and everything is modular. A cut on leather armor will probably do nothing, but a stab with something like a rapier could. And tackled enemies force you to aim for exposed parts of their bodies, such as in limb spaces and their necks and faces. Here’s a little clip showing that a little more:

UploadVR mentioned the news earlier this month, but the new trailer shows how massive this update is. Blade & Sorcery is one of my favorite VR games, even if it is hardly a game and is actually just an immensely sandbox experience. There is no story, no structured content like quests, not even a procedural dungeon to explore. You literally go on a map, generate enemies, generate weapons and fight. But because of the complexity of the physics engine and how satisfied it all is, i can get lost in this kind of bloodbath for hours.

Honestly, I’m running out of additional words after watching this trailer. It’s epic and full of amazing feats of creative violence. I can’t wait to get back into this game and deep down, I long for this type of combat system to find its way into a bigger and more appropriate adventure like The Elder Scrolls or Asgard’s Wrath.

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