Dauntless's Call of the Void adds a new monster and world-shaping intrigue

Dauntless’s Call of the Void adds a new monster and world-shaping intrigue

Intrepid will release its next major update, Call of the Void, on June 11. It will bring new activities, a new monster and more when it launches free on PC, Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The online role-playing and action game brings together players to fight giant monsters called monsters. It is similar to that of Capcom Monster hunter franchise, but Dauntless is free and has a brighter artistic style, more like a cartoon. It also lets you fight monsters faster than Monster Hunter, with less emphasis on tracking and searching. Dauntless also supports cross-play between all of its platforms.

After a long period of early access to PC, Dauntless had its official launch in 2019. The game has attracted more than 15 million players on PC and consoles. Dauntless makes money by selling season passes and individual cosmetics, and updates like this can increase player engagement.

The Call of the Voice update adds a new escalation, which allows players to fight a sequence of giants while gaining power-ups between each fight. This escalation focuses on the Umbral element (think of dark energy), and it culminates in a fight against the new giant Thrax.

Fight the darkness

I had the chance to experience the Umbrale Climbing and the fight against Thrax myself thanks to an online demo with the developer Phoenix Labs. The battle is exciting and difficult, with the Thrax, an insect, capable of teleporting onto the battlefield. He could even use a portal to hit me with tongs, which was as cool as it was terrifying. It took a long time to bring it down (mainly thanks to the efforts of my Phoenix Labs teammates). Beating it also gives you a chance to unlock recipes for new legendary weapons.

The update also adds a new section on training grounds. This gives players a place to test different weapons against training dummies, and gives you tips and teaches you some basic combos. Call of the Void also adds more narrative elements to the game.

“Players will notice changes over the next few weeks and the choices they make will have a direct impact on the story arc, culminating in a big surprise when the next Dauntless content update arrives in July,” notes Phoenix. Labs. During my demo, the developers highlighted a disturbing large orb lying between two fights in the Umbrale Escalade. This orb will probably be the key to future story developments.

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