Demon's Souls remake is coming to PlayStation 5

Demon’s Souls remake is coming to PlayStation 5

Sony showed a significant remake towards the end of its PlayStation 5 event today: Demon’s Souls, the game that gave birth to Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and the popular “soul game” style of role playing. Bluepoint Games and Sony’s Japan Studio manage it. The presentation had no release date.

Demon’s Souls debuted in 2009 for the PlayStation 3. It came from From Software and Atlus released it. And at the time, it was a revelation for many players. He took ideas from roguelike games (such as permadeath and reset the world when you die) and action-RPG and mixed them in a way that no studio had done before – even From Software, whose King’s Field series could be considered a “protoform” of the Souls genre (if you think that Souls games are not user friendly, don’t check them out).

Shuhei Yoshida of Sony noted that it was close to his heart before seeing the gameplay, which ended in a fierce dragon with multiple eyes rising on the walls of the castle.

The original has sold over a million copies and has also received critical acclaim. Demon’s Souls was one of my favorite PS3 games, although I found it frustrating to learn. But it was this frustration, this desire to master the countless that attracted me, and millions of others, to Souls-type games.

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