GameRefinery: Match-3 games are 21% of U.S. iPhone gaming market

GameRefinery: Match-3 games are 21% of U.S. iPhone gaming market

Match-3 games like Candy Crush Saga are the most important sub-genre of the American market of games for iPhone, representing 21% of the market revenues, according to the firm of analysis and analysis of mobile games GameRefinery.

The Match-3 is the biggest segment (sub-genre) of the mobile games market, but it is not easy to tackle it because there are many established titles. 81% of the 200 most profitable match-3 games are over two years old, said Erno Kiiski, chief games analyst at GameRefinery, in the report.

The market evolved in waves, starting with Bejeweled from Electronic Arts and King’s Candy Crush saga, and leading to decorative games like the Property Brothers Home Design of Storm8. The new wave of match-3 games has brought deeper meta-layers as a way to keep players coming back. A constant flow of content is essential to keep players happy and engaged, with existing titles offering thousands of levels. Live events such as tournaments are essential, wrote Kiiski.

New trendy features in these titles include combat passes and social mechanics. These include guilds, cooperative tasks, and guild wars. They are designed to keep players motivated to stay engaged.

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The second wave of success includes Gardenscapes and Homescapes, which brought deeper meta-layers to the mix and allowed them to take a significant place in the charts.

Above: Popular new games include Property Brothers: Home Design

Image credit: GameRefinery

The third wave includes Storm8 match-3 games with home decor themes: Home Design Makeover and Property Brothers: Home Design. These games introduced a “decorative” flavor in addition to the traditional match-3 mechanics.

In social competitions, players complete levels to earn points in order to progress through the season. A gold ticket can be purchased to unlock the additional reward layer. Rewards include boosters, unique bonuses such as special pets to unlock in your garden, and increased maximum lifespan for the duration of the season.

The Battle Pass variant of Clockmaker has a task-based progression. Players complete daily and weekly tasks to progress the Pass and earn more rewards such as boosters and premium currencies.

Players can join teams in Matchington Mansion. Being part of a team allows you to chat with your teammates, send / request lives from each other (you get gold for that), and also complete tasks together (for example, completing a team chest when playing levels).

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