Icarus is the new survival game from the creator of DayZ

Icarus is the new survival game from the creator of DayZ

Icarus is Dean Hall’s latest survival game, the creator of DayZ (an important step in the genre). His team at Rocketwerkz builds Icarus around a series of survival sessions. The idea is to recreate the feeling of playing for the first hours in Minecraft or DayZ – but then to extend it over tens of hours. To capture this, Icarus asks players to perform survival races on a hostile planet surface, then return to an orbital space station between these missions.

Rocketwerkz debuted at Icarus at The PC Gaming Show todayand Hall explained a number of details on how it all works. The designer compared the orbital station to the player’s apartment in GTA Online. It basically acts as your hub, where you can prepare, invite friends, and then activate quests. Once you are ready, you will go to the surface to try to collect resources.

And it is not because you play a futuristic astronaut that you have an infinite pool of laser guns. You have to go back to the planet to get the items you need to survive. But it also means that you will have to build simple tools and weapons to get out of it. This leads to incredible visuals where you can shoot a bow and arrow while wearing full space gear.

Hall says the session-based structure places more emphasis on medium-term planning. You can spend a whole drop trying to build a bridge so that you can explore more of the future drops. It should also increase the time scale required to enter the construction of massive and complex buildings and items.

Finally, Icarus is free. Rocketwerkz wants as many people as possible to play. And you will have the opportunity to do so when it launches next year.

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