IronSource adds creative insights to its user acquisition platform

IronSource adds creative insights to its user acquisition platform

Acquiring users for mobile apps and games is an increasingly automated process, so mobile marketing companies like IronSource are striving to stand out. And today, IronSource adds creative insights to its user acquisition platform so that advertisers can examine the performance of each creative element in an advertisement when trying to grab a user’s attention. This is useful especially for mobile games, which are among the most advertised applications on mobile platforms.

Rivals like Consumer acquisition talked about the challenge of modern user acquisition and how to properly test creative items for a moment. In an email to VentureBeat, IronSource said its game-changing offer of insights for UA campaign management for games. With all of the competition for mobile gaming facilities, optimizing UA campaigns is the success or failure of a game’s success, and the key to reaching the top of the rankings. At the same time, many UA operations are becoming more automated, so creativity remains one of the last critical levers for gaining competitive advantage in an UA campaign.

Despite this, the UA platforms currently used by game developers and publishers do not offer practical and granular visibility into the performance of individual creations, said IronSource. This means that to understand the performance of a particular creative element in a specific campaign, the publisher must download and analyze the data separately and then reapply the information to the campaign.

Changes to the IronSource UA platform streamline this process by making information about each creative instantly visible, and allowing the creative itself to be added to other campaigns for the same title in one click, improving the efficiency of UA creation decisions and ultimately the success of creative campaigns.

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This allows mobile advertisers to make data-driven decisions to optimize the performance of their campaigns. IronSource Adds creative information to their dashboard for their user acquisition platform, allowing advertisers to more quickly analyze the effectiveness of their creative assets by campaign rather than across a group of campaigns.

The result is better informed, data-driven decisions about which creation is most relevant to which audience, based on that information, said IronSource.

How it works for games

The IronSource call detects the performance of each creative element in the ads.

Above: IronSource can detect the performance of each creative element in the ads.

Image Credit: IronSource

Currently, creative data is not available in the dashboards of UA platforms or must be downloaded and analyzed separately. This makes it difficult for advertisers to see how their creations work at the same time or in the same place as where they manage all other aspects of their campaigns, such as budget, bid, geography, and block type. announcements, said IronSource.

Additionally, when viewing creatives across all campaigns as a whole, the corresponding data is often averaged, so that an advertiser cannot see the true impact of each creative, making it difficult to tailor a creative to improve the IPM (installations per thousand, or the number of application installations per thousand ad impressions) for a specific campaign. By making the creative performance data visible and accessible directly inside the platform, IronSource said it allows UA managers to understand their creative performance faster and more precisely, and then to act properly. .

In addition, the platform saves advertisers valuable time by allowing them to easily reuse a winning design for another campaign of the same title, with one click, said IronSource.

When an advertiser processes hundreds, if not thousands, of campaigns daily, making precise, data-driven decisions about what to cut, what to promote or what to adjust becomes essential, Erez Fruchtman, vice president of product at IronSource said in a statement. He said the new additions are the first of many in the roadmap to provide partners with actionable data.

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