Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a story of redemption with cute characters on the PS5

Kena: Bridge of Spirits is a story of redemption with cute characters on the PS5

Play Studio Ember Lab today introduced Kena: Bridge of Spirits, a new growth and takeover game coming for the PlayStation 5.

The game presents a young girl in a lush Japanese setting full of forests and mountains. The graphics are lovely and it reminded me a bit of the art of Studio Ghibli. The cute part is the fuzzy little figures in the shape of a ball with big eyes. Yes, it looks very Japanese, but its designer is an American studio.

Sony made this announcement when it Revealing event on PlayStation 5. The game is coming in the 2020 holiday season on PS5, PS4 and Epic Games Store on PC.

In a statement, Los Angeles-based Ember said the game is a story-based action adventure, mixing storytelling and exploration, puzzle solving and fast-paced combat for a beautiful immersive journey. Kena is a young girl known as the Spirit Guide. She is on a journey of self-discovery, and she is trying to understand the mystery of the disappearance of an ancient village that was once part of a prosperous environment. Using his staff and the help of his collection of tiny companions known as Rot (the cute fuzzy creatures), the player will disarm opponents, unlock new skills, uncover secrets and restore the beauty of the earth.

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Ember Lab is a small, independent studio working on character-driven animated advertisements and branded game applications for clients such as Coca-Cola, Major League Baseball and Hisense. The studio was formed in 2009 by brothers Josh and Mike Grier with the mission of telling great stories with universal appeal. Ember Lab has a team of 14 employees.

The previously made team Majora’s Mask – Terrible Fate, a 2016 fan short film that explored the story of the Skull Kid’s dark origins. The short film combines real world locations and CG characters. It has been viewed over 20 million times on YouTube and Facebook and has been hailed as one of the best fan-inspired movies in the game.

Ember Lab also released an original science fiction / fantasy short film called dust. The film was named Best Film at DragonCon; Best Science Fiction by Hollyshorts; Best VFX, Best Art Direction, Best Photography and Best Festival at Filmquest; and is a Worldfest Remi Award winner.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits was designed to take advantage of the PlayStation 5 hardware and the DualSense controller. The game features immersive haptic feedback, including simulated string resistance for Kena’s Spirit Bow.

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