Kippo raises $2 million for a dating app for gamers

Kippo raises $2 million for a dating app for gamers

The days when players couldn’t get dates are finished. Concrete example: Kippo raised $ 2 million for a dating app for players who want to find like-minded companions.

The larger idea of ​​the company is to create a next generation gaming app that modernizes the way people connect and meet. While stereotypes of the lonely male player in a basement persist, CEO David Park said it was perfectly normal for people to meet through their passions, such as playing video games. In fact, many people think that players are new jocks, said Park.

“We are still talking about how the rates of anxiety, depression and loneliness are increasing,” said Park. “We have thought of the solution. And it sounds so simple. It’s to connect people. It is for people to have meaningful human relationships with others. “

He added, “I have been a player my whole life. And it is a kind of demographic niche that is no longer a niche. It is becoming more and more common. Historically, there were so many stereotypes and stigmas about players. We know this is no longer true. And this is something that this community really needed. “

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Primer Sazze Partners led the round, with the participation of Tinder executives and Eaton Workshop partners, NextGen Venture and IHeartComix. The capital will mainly be used to extend the interactive features of the application. The name of the company comes from a Korean word, and it’s a touch of “happiness,” said Park.

The big vision is to create a platform for everyone, a platform that is a gamified experience for people to meet new people, ”said Park. “The demographic most comfortable interacting with others in an online virtual environment has been that of gamers for decades. Thanks to COVID-19, others are starting to discover the joys of online interaction . “

Unique player profiles

Above: Kippo is a variation of the word “happiness” in Korean.

Image credit: Kippo

Most dating and social apps abandon users’ virtual selves, not recognizing the benefits of linking on a digital activity like gaming and its value in getting to know someone. (That reminds me Skillprint, who wants to recommend careers to players based on what they play).

With Kippo, players identify the games they like and include lots of photos in their profiles. They also connect using names in the game rather than phone numbers. If a date goes wrong, you don’t have to worry about the other person having your phone number.

In some cases, users may not search for dates. They may just want someone to play with, and many users get together regardless of the location. They could be in different countries, but they can still get together just to play games, said Park.

96% of Kippo users have filled out their entire profile using its interactive profile generator which highlights each personality through a variety of “maps”. The most popular cards are This or That, Star Sign and Myers – Briggs type indicator.

93% of Kippo users go to a virtual meeting and play video games together before meeting in person. This allows them to relieve some pressure from the awkwardness of dating, said Park.

Regular growth

Above: Kippo

Image credit: Kippo

So far, the application has been online for eight months and has 45,000 users, with no real promotion. So far, regular users are between the ages of 18 and 24, which is generally younger than other dating apps. 40% of users are women. Park hopes to educate the public through game influencers, some of whom work for the company.

The company’s revenues have constantly increased by 50% every month. In addition, at present social distancing measures, the use of applications has increased by 275%, said Park.

Kiha Lee, general partner of Primer Sazze Partners, said in a statement that Kippo has a unique approach to dating and social relations, as consumers are looking for ways to meet and stay in touch virtually, especially during locking. .

The company was founded in 2019 by David Park, Cheeyoon Lee and Sean Suyeda.

“As a player myself, I made a lot of friends. I found platonic friends and romantic relationships and friends in general through video games,” he said. “We think that the best way to interact online and get to know each other is to play video games together. “

Player data

So what do the data on players and non-players entering relationships say?

“I only have anecdotal data,” said Park. “Whenever a person in a relationship is immersed in an activity that defines them and the other person does not at least understand that activity, and there will always be friction.”

Park also said the players are more attractive and socially diverse than they once were.

“Players have always been known as losers or less popular kids, but that changes so quickly,” said Park. “The new rock stars, superstars and celebrities are professional players or highly ranked people in games. The players are the new jocks. “

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