Luna Labs's Replay automates creation of mobile game video ads

Luna Labs’s Replay automates creation of mobile game video ads

Luna Labs throw Replay, a tool for mobile game studios that allows them to create endless versions of video ads from a single gameplay recording.

Based on the Unity platform, the tool could save a lot of time and money for game studios that create video ads for a game. Then they could test the variations on the ads to see which one is the most performing well, said Steven Chard, CEO of Luna Labs, in an interview with GamesBeat.

Chard said this solves the critical problems facing studios to generate enough variation on their ads to properly optimize their ad spend. It automates the long process of producing and editing gameplay videos.

“We have built a set of tools to unlock this type of inherent creativity found in mobile game studios around the world,” said Chard. “Creatives have become this essential lever to optimize the basic marketing of a game.”

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This is partly due to the fact that Google and Facebook have automated a large part of user acquisition tasks thanks to artificial intelligence. This leaves very little for the game studio user acquisition teams, other than focusing on the creative side of an advertisement.

“Everything else depends on the algorithms of the big guys, and you end up with creativity, and that’s the only thing you can control,” said Chard. “You need to refresh them and repeat the creation.”

This means that creative teams have to try hundreds of ads for a single gameplay video to determine what works best to attract more users to a game.

Normally, however, it takes an enormous amount of editing time to create these small variations for video ads. “With Replay, you can create unlimited video variations from a single gameplay recording,” said Chard. “It saves days and you can use that time to have more impact elsewhere.”

How it works

Above: Replay helps developers iterate over the creative parts of their ads.

Image credit: Luna Labs

You install a Unity plug-in. You record videos as you normally would when playing a game. This captured video is placed in the front user interface for replay. It becomes easy to manipulate the video, to change the camera angles, the choice of the characters, the environment, the color of an object, the copy of text and all that can have a significant impact on the appearance of the video.

“It would normally take a long time,” said Chard. “You can also change the aspect ratio or resolution you need for all the different major channels like TikTok or Facebook. To publish on these channels, you just press a button and it saves you a lot of time. “

You can also replace different languages ​​in the video so you can instantly change the language of texts and videos. “If you press a button, you can create 100 videos,” said Chard. “You test them and then you can quickly switch to working video ads.”

Users will receive a seven-day free trial. Replay allows studios to create unlimited variations of their marketing videos without having to re-record, which allows them to modify all the visual elements of the game they want from a user interface. In other words, videos with different character skins, game environments, camera angles and visual effects in any resolution can now be generated automatically, all at the push of a button.

The product provides studios with a very efficient and precise means of producing and testing creative video resources. Luna Labs also created Playable, which produces playable ads directly from games built in Unity.

Business context

Luna, based in London, has worked with game companies such as Voodoo, Activision, Kwalee, Gamejam, Boombit, Crazy Labs, Sybo and King. and received $ 1 million in funding from a collection of industry and heavyweight investors, including Ben Holmes and Chris Lee.

The company was founded in 2018 and also has a team in Minsk, Belarus. In total, it has about 20 people. Originally, the company manufactured various HTML5 games. But customers have asked the company to use its technology to create playable ads or ads that show what a game looks like.

The company has therefore rotated to create a tool to create playable advertisements, or advertisements where, if a player clicks on it, he can start playing a mobile game to see what a part of the game looks like. beta test for about a month and is now open to more customers.

Since the company can save customers a lot of time and money, Chard said it charges for the service, using a software model as a service. “In the longer term, we want studios of all sizes to have access to our tools,” said Chard. “If you’re a young freelancer, you want to have access to high-quality tools to help you create video ads and test new ideas.”

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