No Place for Bravery is Glitch Factory's action-RPG about absent parents and toxic relationships

No Place for Bravery is Glitch Factory’s action-RPG about absent parents and toxic relationships

Glitch Factory’s first project was a board game. Now the Brazilian studio is preparing for another kind of party – the launch of a role-playing and action game.

Today, Glitch Factory and publisher Ysbryd Games announced that No bravery released in the first quarter of 2021 for PC and Nintendo Switch. It’s a top-down action RPG. This is important because it shows that Brazil continues to develop in the game, from people who love games to creating titles for a global audience, bringing even more voices to the industry.

“Party Saboteurs was our first team project. We decided to focus on a limited range to test the waters. Since then, we have developed a few projects and this has given us the confidence to aim for a more ambitious game. When it comes to RPGs, our team has grown in the era of 2D RPGs and dungeon crawlers – we’ve always loved these genres that can pleasantly combine action, strategy and strong storytelling, “said the producer Matheus Queiroz by e-mail about this project.

No Place For Bravery talks about Thorn, an old soldier in the world of Dewr. He’s finished fighting, or at least he thinks, when he discovers that his long-lost daughter Leaf is still alive. Thorn still has a lot of nightmares about his past and his daughter, so he and his disabled foster son, Phid, embarked on an adventure to find Lead … and face Thorn’s past.

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Thorn’s world, you see, is not a nice place.

“[Dewr’s] a war-torn medieval world devastated by divine creatures and countless wars fought by humans, “said Queiroz. “We always wanted to make an RPG that felt” more real “, less heroic, with imperfect characters and a relentless world. We used to say that we wanted to create a game that seemed to have been created by the Cohen Brothers. “

Glitch Factory says that advancing No Place for Bravery is not about leveling up or improving your stats. It’s not that kind of RPG. Instead, you gain improvements through important encounters or discovering secrets. When it comes to combat, the studio says it’s fast, with an emphasis on strikes and quick parries.

One of the most interesting aspects of No Place For Bravery is that Glitch Factory started this project as a roguelike, not a full RPG. It ended up revising the story based on the experiences of its designers, many of whom dealt with toxic relationships and missing parents, the studio said.

“When we first announced No Place for Bravery in 2016, we said the game was going to be a roguelike, with tons of replayability. We changed our vision to an action RPG because it looks more like what the team wanted to do. This way we could move on to Metroidvania / Souls type elements, especially on its level design and a strong focus on storytelling, which is closer to the heart of our team’s original vision, “said Queiroz .

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