Not E3: When to expect Sony's and Microsoft's next big summer events

Not E3: When to expect Sony’s and Microsoft’s next big summer events

I have been working from home for years. Now the whole world is learning something that I have known for a while. When your office is your bedroom, “working time” tends to stretch to fill every possible crevice in your life. It’s like The Blob. This happens to E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo), who has moved from a week old event in a series of loosely linked satellite presentations that last for months. But even as the announcement season has started, the calendar still has some notable omissions. What’s next microsoft month Xbox Series X event, and when is Sony going to do something with PlayStation 5? Well, let’s talk about all of this now.

As for the big three hardware companies, we still don’t know everything. Or at least, Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have not officially announced the exact dates of the summer reveal events. But I can give an overview of their plans, according to sources I keep anonymous.

I use Twitter to follow announced events as well as information I have collected from anonymous trusted sources. you can find it here, but let’s break it all down with a few details.

Sony and PlayStation 5

Between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, we seem to know a little less about the first. Sony Interactive Entertainment did not show the console itself. We haven’t seen any games.

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But that should start to change in the coming weeks. Sony has a few events in the works. And these should allow a closer look at the next generation.

The first is a Sony event in early June. The company originally planned this for June 4, but is moving it. The exact date is now more nebulous. This does not mean that it slips a few weeks. The calendar for early June is still the company’s current plan.

What should you expect from this early June event? Sony was preparing a list of new generation games (not just part one). The date shift can however cause complications in this regard.

And I don’t know if this is when Sony will finally show the physical console itself. It is possible, but I cannot confirm it.

I expect Sony to show the PlayStation 5 in detail at the start of the next event. The company is preparing one of its State of Play video presentations for early August. This will highlight a combination of current and new generation games.

In August, you should still expect Sony to also communicate via its blog and social media.

Microsoft and Xbox Series X

Microsoft already had an Inside Xbox as part of its monthly Xbox 20/20 events. He also announced plans to show his opening act lineup at an event in July. But if he does something on a monthly basis, what about June?

Microsoft currently plans to hold another event in the second week of June. Microsoft was targeting June 10 for this, but June 9 is also possible. Unlike the May and July game windows, the June release will provide a closer look at the new Xbox console.

How big is the Xbox Series X?

Above: What is the actual size of the Xbox Series X?

Image Credit: GamesBeat

Now we’ve already seen a lot about the Xbox Series X system. Microsoft has even invited some outside outlets to take the console apart. But a closer look at the X might show what it’s like to actually use it.

Or, maybe, that’s when Microsoft is rumored to be talking about the Lockhart system. Many reports claim that Lockhart is a more affordable Xbox but with many next-generation key features, such as an SSD.

To be clear, I cannot confirm that Lockhart will attend this event or even that it will be marketed.


Earlier this month, I reported that Nintendo is not planning a direct for June. As an update, I will add that Nintendo does not plan Direct at all at this time. This is to say to development partners not to wait for a Direct even if they have a big announcement.

As for proprietary games, expect Nintendo to repeat its Paper Mario: The Origami King strategy. The surprise trailer that comes out of nowhere can still create a lot of excitement. The company also doesn’t have to worry about meeting expectations if you don’t know something is happening.

And what’s coming is Pikmin 3 Deluxe, 3D Mario remasters and Super Mario 3D World Deluxe. It might have a few surprises beyond that, but it can wait until he can start directing again.

Everything else

The calendar of events already has confirmed presentations like PC Game Fair, EA Play Live, and Ubisoft Forward. But more is on the way.

Let’s see first what I have absolutely no idea:

  • I don’t know when Warner Bros. is doing something.
  • Okay, that means I don’t know Batman.
  • Elden Ring is a video game – now you know as much as I do.
  • “Is the ______ rumor true?” I do not know. May be!

Above: I don’t know her.

Image credit: WB Games

I can say that you can expect surprise announcements in the coming weeks. As well, Riot Games is planning an event later this summer. Snow storm also has something to come in a similar period of time.

As I get more, I will see what is worth sharing and updating.

My goal

A quick note on the purpose of it all. I grew up glued to E3 every June. Learning new games and materials was always just as exciting. We now live in a world without E3, and I am trying to navigate this replacement. I appreciate what media / maven companies like Gamespot, IGN and Geoff Keighley are doing, but part of me doesn’t like the way E3 week has spanned four months of piecemeal ads either.

So, for my own reason, I’m trying to put this Humpty Dumpty game back on again. This left me with a lot of information above.

My goal in sharing some of what I am learning with you is to help everyone maintain the enthusiasm I had for traditional E3.

I have given you specific information and will try to notify you when things change. I hope it helps.

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