Nreal Light AR glasses add multi-user shared spaces and WebXR support

Nreal Light AR glasses add multi-user shared spaces and WebXR support

As excitement rises for the exit from the Nreal’s Light augmented reality glasses this fall, the company continues to encourage developers to support the affordable Android-based laptop. Today, Nreal announced two major upgrades to its Light SDK – multi-user environments and WebXR support – as well as a few deals that will likely bring new developers to the team.

If you are not yet familiar with Nreal Light, here is a brief summary: Unlike Microsoft and Magic Leap, which has developed corporate AR headsets from $ 2,300 to $ 3,500 with their own computer platforms, Nreal has created lightweight glasses of $ 500 that use Qualcomm Snapdragon 845, 855 or 865 smartphones for processing, storage and wireless network connectivity. Currently available as a $ 1,119 development kit, Light has already been adopted by several cell phone operators and XR Spatial collaborative workspace developer, thanks to the ability of the headset to facilitate remote work, remote assistance and next generation entertainment. A all-in-one business model scheduled to be released in the last quarter of this year, Microsoft HoloLens 2 and the Troubled Magic Leap One.

Starting today, users of the Light development kit will be able to access “multiplayer” mode, a feature that allows multiple helmet wearers to see and interact with each other in a shared mixed reality environment. . Business users will be able to share digital collaborative workspaces and meeting rooms using this feature, while developers will also be able to develop cooperative or competitive multi-person games. To facilitate testing in multiplayer, Nreal offers a set with two Light headsets and a set of magnetic prescription lenses from $ 500 to $ 2,559, a 14% discount on their prices purchased separately.

On May 28, Nreal and Deutsche Telekom’s Hubraum technology incubator will launch a global partnership in the mixed reality program to find, accelerate and publish new mixed reality applications for Nreal Light. The partners will focus on productivity and entertainment apps, with plans to include or feature the apps when the Light consumer launches. In addition, developers interested in learning how to create applications compatible with Nreal will have access to Nreal Tower, an example tower defense style game, as well as a Slack chain to co-build the game with the Nreal team. A final version of Tower will generally become available with the Light Consumer kit.

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Last but not least, Nreal says he adds WebXR Support for the Light platform, allowing web applications to correctly display content via stereoscopic 3D glasses. WebXR applications effectively allow developers to offer mixed reality content on the web in a platform-independent format that does not require Google, Apple, Microsoft, or another company to act as a gatekeeper . These applications will apparently be accessible via the 3D Nebula Nreal launcher developed for Android phones, following an update of the SDK to come “later this year”.

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