Paradox Interactive creates new studio in Barcelona

Paradox Interactive creates new studio in Barcelona

Paradox Interactive announced today that it has founded a new studio in Barcelona: Paradox Tinto.

This is the publisher’s seventh studio. The company is based in Stockholm, Sweden. It has two other sites in Sweden, as well as American studios in Berkeley and Seattle and an office in Delft, the Netherlands. This expansion now places Paradox in four countries and will help and direct the development of future strategy games.

Paradox specializes in strategy games like the Crusader Kings and Europa Universalis series. In fact, the creator of Europa Universalis Johan Andersson, who has been part of the Paradox Development Studio for over 25 years, will be the manager of the studio in Barcelona. Paradox Tinto will start by working on the Europa Universalis franchise and will later develop new strategy games.

This expansion for Paradox will create new jobs in the industry.

“The success of our studios over the past few years has allowed us to continually add more capabilities and new ideas, with more games in active development and more ambitious plans every day,” said Charlotta Nilsson, chief of operation of Paradox in the advertisement. “We currently have around 70 positions open in our seven studios, and we plan to recruit around 200 people in 2020 alone.”

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