PlayStation 5 console revealed -- Here's what the console looks like

PlayStation 5 console revealed — Here’s what the console looks like

Sony finally showed more on the PlayStation 5 console. We have already seen chief architect Mark Cerny break down the components. And today, we were able to consult its impressive library of upcoming games. But Sony Interactive Entertainment decided to also show us what the box looks like – or make these “boxes”.

The design of the PlayStation 5 comes in two forms, including one called Digital Edition which does not seem to have an optical disc drive.

Above: PlayStation 5 consoles.

Image credit: PlayStation

You can see the PlayStation 5 in the image above. It has the two-tone style of the DualSense game controller that Sony showed up earlier this year. But you can also see the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, which doesn’t have a disc drive. Instead, it has a more symmetrical appearance. It’s also likely to sell at a more affordable price, but Sony hasn’t provided any information on that yet.

In addition to the box, Sony also revealed a few peripherals and accessories.

PS5 product line

Above: Accessories.

In the image above, you can see a new wireless headset, a remote control, a charging station and a 3D camera. Each of the accessories corresponds to the aesthetics of the PS5 range as a whole. It’s like you can play games on a Star Wars stormtrooper.

What it all means for PlayStation 5

The multiple PS5 form factors and a range of ready-to-use consoles don’t seem to speak volumes, but it does. It’s a sign that Sony is looking to maximize its revenue with these boxes. Previous reports claimed that Sony Interactive Entertainment was struggling to reduce the cost of the PS5. And now it’s clear that Sony plans to deal with this by launching two different versions.

Sony has several reasons to launch a digital edition of the PS5. The first is that people who buy games digitally are potentially worth more money. They do not trade games and their credit card is attached to their PSN account. This facilitates the sale of microtransactions and other digital goods.

But the other reason why PS5 digital publishing makes sense for Sony is because of marketing. This is the same reason why movie theaters sell a medium popcorn and then a much larger popcorn for only 25 cents more. If PS5 launches at $ 500 or $ 600. Sony could release the digital edition for $ 450 or $ 550. This gives people a mental path to convince themselves that they are only paying $ 50 more for a significantly better product instead of the empty price of $ 600.

The accessories are also remarkable because Sony obviously pushes them early. And it’s also for a reason. The profit margin on headsets, remote controls, charging stations and joysticks is considerably higher than on the console itself. By releasing corresponding devices, Sony encourages users to adopt the PS5 ecosystem from a hardware perspective. You are making a new major purchase, don’t you want your helmet to match?

Improving margins on headsets and loading docks could help offset losses due to the cost of producing and shipping the PS5 itself.

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