Sony isn't just betting on the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 event confirmed: What to expect from the June 4 showcase

Sony finally gave a date for the next time he plans to speak the PlayStation 5. The company is preparing “a look at the future of gaming” for 1 pm. Pacific Time June 4. But what exactly should you expect at this event? Let’s take a closer look.

What we know so far about the PS5 is what’s inside the system and a few other details. Like the Xbox Series X, PS5 incorporates AMD hardware. This includes a Zen 2 processor and a Navi GPU. The console also has a super-fast PCIe 4.0 SSD and a data transfer architecture to match. But acronyms and initials don’t really matter. What you should know is that the PS5 has a lot more GPU power and a huge leap in terms of CPU and data throughput compared to the current generation.

In addition to all this, developers and publishers continue to praise the design of the PS5. Some have told GamesBeat that it has better architecture than any console in history. The studios can therefore find a joy to work with.

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We also have a good overview of DualSense, which is the joystick for the PlayStation 5. It has motorized triggers that can provide varying resistance depending on the context of the game. Sony has also included modern haptics to allow players to “feel” the games.

That’s about all we know. Sony therefore still has a lot to share next week.

Will we see PlayStation 5 hardware?

In his blog on the June 4th event, Sony clearly states that you will see games.

“We shared the technical specifications and showed you the new DualSense wireless controller,” reads the blog. “But what is a launch without games? This is why I am delighted to share that we will soon give you a first glimpse of the games you will be playing after the launch of PlayStation 5 on this holiday. “

But Sony also makes it clear that this is only the first entry in a “series of PS5 updates”. So it will withhold certain information.

Does this mean that we could leave the window next week and still not know what the PS5 looks like? It is possible, but it also seems unlikely. So far, I have not confirmed that Sony plans to show the hardware at this event. Sony is also obviously reluctant about this in its wording on the blog.

That said, I still think it is likely that we will see the box itself. Sony is probably trying to remain silent until it is ready.

A focus on PlayStation 5 games

Although the hardware remains a mystery, Sony promises to show new generation games. This confirms what I heard last month. The company is preparing a presentation of games that present the PlayStation 5 in action.

The event is expected to include both upcoming proprietary and third-party versions for the next generation platform. But some third party games may have to sit down. Sony wants games that actually run on real PS5 hardware – or at least a real devkit. If a third-party publisher has a cross-platform game running on PC, it’s probably not going to cut it.

This should give us a very clear idea of ​​what the PS5 can do. And it’s also a sign that the development of PS5 games is advanced enough to be presented to the public as a vertical slice.

Finally, you can expect Sony to quickly touch what it’s like to use the PlayStation 5. How do your PS4 games work? How fast can you go from Netflix to a game? Will Fortnite look better? These are all kinds of things that the company could sprinkle in the window to excite fans.

What not to expect from the PS5 event

Don’t expect the price. Maybe Sony is ready to share this. But it will likely wait until one of its latest updates. Price is always a concern for Sony and Microsoft. These consoles are expensive to make, but global fluctuations in labor availability and the price of oil will make every penny count.

I also wouldn’t expect Sony to reveal all of the PS5 games it has in the works. The company wants to excite players, but it also wants to maintain a regular promotional rate. Do you really have to reveal Horizon Zero Dawn 2, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and God of War 2 in June 2020 to get you excited enough to buy the PS5? Probably not. If a game is still in two to three years, Sony may want to save it for an event in 2021.

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