Rogue Games adds 5 mobile games to Google Play Pass

Rogue Games adds 5 mobile games to Google Play Pass

Rogue games Soon to launch five new games for the Google Play Pass mobile game subscription service.

Games include Outsider, The Arcade, Bright Paw, Olo Loco and Super Glitch Dash. These are the first Rogue titles to debut on the new Google service that organizes a collection of games and apps for Android players. And that comes after Rogue launched other titles for the competing Apple Arcade service.

Mike DeLaet, CEO of Rogue games, said in a statement that the company is always looking for new ways to adapt to the way players discover and play games as the game as a whole reaches record growth and engagement.

Matt Casamassina, Director of Strategy for Rogue Games, based in Los Angeles, said in an email that these games represent some of the best of what Rogue has to offer for action, puzzle, arcade enthusiasts and casual games.

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“We believe a lot in the Netflix model of games, which is why we are one of the biggest publishers of Apple Arcade,” said Casamassina. “The introduction of these five new games into Google Play Pass strengthens our position as a leader in subscription games, while expanding our reach in the robust ecosystem of Google Play Pass.”

Google Play Pass was first launched in September 2019 in the United States and has grown to include more than 500 Android games and apps. Each title is free of in-app ads and purchases, allowing players to jump right into the action and have more family-friendly experiences.

Here’s more about each game:

  • Outsider – An existential horror adventure that challenges players to solve puzzles as they reveal the secrets of a story in which humanity seems to have mysteriously disappeared. Developed by Once a Bird.
  • Luminous tab – A narrative puzzle experience in which you play as a curious cat determined to solve the murder of its supervillain owner. Along the way, he will solve an intrigue and solve increasingly complex tactical puzzles. Developed by Radical Forge.
  • Super Glitch Dash – A tic runner who defies gravity and turns the world upside down as players run through labyrinth environments and avoid dangers. Developed by David Marquardt.
  • Olo Loco – A minimalist social multiplayer game inspired by shuffleboard. Challenge your friends or random players in intensely strategic asynchronous matches. Developed by Sennep.
  • The game room – Play over 20 unique retro classics inspired by the games you grew up with. Developed by Nosebleed Interactive.

New game services like Google Play Pass offer independent game developers a great opportunity to showcase their games to a diverse audience of gamers. By removing ads and in-app purchases often found in free games, players know what to expect
as they jump into new experiences.

Independent developers are always looking for new tools and services to reach players in new ways, said Casamassina. Previously, many of these creative and ambitious games could lack the resources to reach a global launch.

Each of the above games will launch this summer on Google Play Pass. Other titles will be announced later this summer and will arrive in the fall.

Rogue’s other titles include Oz: Broken Kingdom, Sociable Soccer, Wild Life: Puzzle Story, Hexaflip: The Action Puzzler and Super Impossible Road.

Casamassina said the titles are targeted for Google Play Pass for now. But ultimately, the company would like the games to be offered to players of all kinds, including those on Switch and other consoles, for example.

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