Shinji Mikami's GhostWire: Tokyo debuts on PS5 in 2021

Shinji Mikami’s GhostWire: Tokyo debuts on PS5 in 2021

Shinji Mikami, the creator of games like Resident Evil, is back with his Tango Gameworks studio and one PlayStation 5 title titled GhostWire: Tokyo. Sony made this announcement when it PlayStation 5 reveals Event. It’s a horror game with very scary graphics, in a stylized version of Tokyo. He showed a clip of the upcoming game in 2021 on PS5.

Mikami unveiled GhostWire: Tokyo’s first reveal last year at Bethesda’s storefront at the 2019 Electronic Entertainment Expo. He previously directed The Evil Within, published by Bethesda.

The new game certainly seems to come from the imagination of someone who did something as scary and bloody as The Evil Within. It features these guys in faceless suits, wearing black umbrellas and a main character with deadly supernatural abilities.

Tokyo itself looks like the star of the show here, because it’s a beautiful city with stylish lighting that makes it even more amazing.

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