Silent Hill lives as downloadable content for Dead by Daylight

Silent Hill lives as downloadable content for Dead by Daylight

silent Hill lives. Behavior Interactive Developer team up with Konami to bring characters from the classic horror franchise into Dead by Daylight. By purchasing Silent Hill DLC for Dead by Daylight, players can add the iconic Pyramid Head monster to the game. The DLC also includes Silent Hill protagonist Cheryl Mason as a new surviving character.

the Silent Hill Chapter Launches Dead by Daylight This Month. In addition to the characters, it also presents the Midwich Elementary School as a new card.

It’s a big step for Silent Hill and Dead by Daylight. Konami can keep their old franchise in people’s minds with this DLC. Dead by Daylight is currently one of the most successful horror games in the world. And games should have a lot of cross appeal. For Behavior Interactive, in the meantime, it is yet another fandom that it can bring to its asymmetrical horror action. Dead by Daylight has already introduced DLC packs for Strange things, Yell, and Seen. By regularly adding new content, the game reaches new fans. But Behavior is also able to continue to generate income from its most loyal and committed players.

What it means for Silent Hill

The most interesting aspect of this decision, however, is what it could say about the future of Silent Hill. Konami has left the series dormant since Silent Hills cancellation in 2015. The publisher had initially planned to make Hideo Kojima work on this game with partners like Guillermo del Toro. But Kojima and Konami argued. Kojima has left the companyand the publisher has abandoned the project.

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Meanwhile, Konami has moved away from the main video game releases. Instead, he focused on mobile games and his popular Pro Evolution Soccer franchise.

But is Silent Hill’s return to Dead by Daylight a sign that the company could bring the game back? It’s possible. There are rumors that the series may return as the first title on PlayStation 5.

If that happens, it wouldn’t be difficult to rejuvenate the property with a Dead by Daylight partnership. But we will have to wait and see if anything more is going on with Silent Hill.

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