Snap hits 100 million players, teams with Zynga, and launches more chat games

Snap hits 100 million players, teams with Zynga, and launches more chat games

Break has announced that more than 100 million of its users have played Snapchat games since their launch last year.

And with this success, the mobile chat company doubles its gaming platform, announcing a new collaboration with Zynga and a bunch of Break– created and third party games.

Since the launch in April 2019, more than 100 million Snapchatters have played Snap Games. He also found a way for Snapchat users to play games with their own cartoon resemblances, called Bitmoji avatars.

“I think we are very excited about Snap Games because it just reduces a lot of friction,” said William Wu, head of Snap Games, in an interview with GamesBeat. “For game developers, it’s really difficult to have a game installed by a group of friends, create accounts and log in to a game, and then play. We focused on the basic experience of make it transparent. And we’re seeing some exciting first results. “

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Wu said Snapchatters played an average of 20 minutes a day in Bitmoji Party titles.

Above: Snap has over 100 million users who play its games.

Image credit: Snap

“The main reason for this initiative was really to get friends to play together, and the data shows that when friends play together, their playing time increases. This doubles their playing time. ”

Snap’s own game studio has created a game called Emoji Paint, which takes advantage of user-generated content.

“The number of 100 million players is the number that any gaming platform is striving to achieve and doing so in less than a year is quite astounding,” said Bernard Kim, president of publication at Zynga, an interview. “Our latest Bumped Out game is designed to make it very easy to connect and play in a very casual way.”

The game uses Snap’s Bitmoji avatars that Snapchatters already use in their other chat activities.

“Zynga really understands social games and they are seizing the long term opportunity that we are working towards here,” said Kim.

Snap games

Snap Games has been introduced as a new way for friends to play games on mobile, with first and third party games. In Snap’s own title, Bitmoji Party, an average of 20 minutes is played per player each day.

In addition, over 25 million unique Snapchatters have played Ready, Chef, Go! From Mojiworks! in its first six months of launch, and Snapchatters who played with friends played twice as long as solo players.

Wu said the games were monetized through six-second ads played at the start of the game.

Building on this momentum, Snap announced a new list of first and third party games from new and existing partners:

● Bitmoji Paint (Snap Games Studio) – Bitmoji Paint is a canvas, where millions of players come together simultaneously to contribute to a massive collage. Snapchatters can travel the world virtually, team up with friends to create simple scribbles, fun messages or even giant landscapes in Bitmoji Paint.
● Bumped Out (Zynga) – Bumped Out pits players against each other in short sessions where they control customizable vehicles and try to knock their friends off an ever shrinking island.
● Friend Quizzes (Game Closure) – How well do your friends know you? Share quizzes and find out who gets the highest scores.
● Nordeus – Snapchatters can become a soccer champion in this game.
● Quiz Party (Mojiworks) – Test your knowledge in all kinds of categories against friends.
● Ready Set Golf (PikPok) – In this mini-golf game for Snapchat, players use their intelligence, reflexes and luck to get the ball into the hole first.
● Sling Racers (Madbox) – Swing, tap to hang and jump in this real-time multiplayer game.
● Snow Time (Funday Factory) – Move on the slopes with your Bitmoji while snowboarding in front of your friends.
● Super Snappy Bowling (NOWWA) – In this first real-time multiplayer bowling game for Snapchat, players compete in different arenas to become the best bowling player in the world.
● Voodoo – The mobile game publisher Voodoo and Snap have teamed up to offer one of the hypercasual games to friends on Snapchat.

Bitmoji for games

Above: Snap and Zynga team up for games like Bumped Out.

Image credit: Snap

Snap said that Bitmoji for games brings the identity of the 3D avatar Bitmoji player to third party games. Snap acquired Bitmoji in 2016.

With Bitmoji for games, players play like their Bitmoji in various titles and genres on any platform, including mobile, PC and console, all to create a more personal and social experience.

John Imah, head of game partnerships at Snap, said in an interview with GamesBeat that Snapchatters had adopted Bitmoji avatars and that they were attracting users to games seamlessly.

Snap has created a Bitmoji-based game called Emoji Part that allows friends to compete in quick mini-games. Then he opened the Bitmoji avatars to third-party game makers so they can help spread the Bitmojis.

“It was a great early signal to us that the developers see the value of putting Bitmoji in their games,” said Imah. “And now developers can personalize the player experience with emojis for games. Players will be able to play as Bitmoji in various titles and genres on any platform, including mobile, PC and console. “

Snap announced seven new games using Bitmoji avatars:

  • Perfect Master 3D (Gismart) – Solve puzzles and test your brain speed.
  • Scrabble GO (Scopely) – Bring the wordplay experience to life in a whole new way.
  • SingHeads (Dream Reality Interactive) – Sing like your Bitmoji, powered by augmented reality.
  • Super Brawl Universe (Nickelodeon and Playsoft) – Join the characters from the most popular Nickelodeon shows in a showdown.
  • Uno (Mattel) – Try the easy-to-play classic card game.
  • Voodoo – Mobile game publisher Voodoo and Snap are partnering to integrate Bitmoji into a new mobile game later this year. More soon.
  • Water Shooty (Rollic and Tiplay Studio) – A water shooter game with cute characters, your Bitmoji and fun gameplay.

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