Tetris Effect soundtrack debuts on Billboard charts

Tetris Effect soundtrack debuts on Billboard charts

the Tetris Effect Original Soundtrack by Hydelic is excellent, and now you can see that this is reflected in its popularity. Hydelic released the full OST album at the end of last month. Two weeks later, and Tetris effect OST cracked Billboard chart for the top 100 current album sales.

The Hydelic soundtrack finished 97th in the album charts. This places him in front of the Florida Georgia Line 6 packs and Lil Wayne Funeral.

The Billboard’s Best Current Albums table tracks album sales as well as equivalent metrics for streaming and individual track sales. Entering the top 100 means that a significant number of fans buy and agree on the album wherever they can.

And the soundtrack for Tetris Effect Original is widely available. You can listen to it now on Spotify or Soundcloud. It is also available for purchase via Band Camp or for stream via YouTube Music. Hydelic also put the entire album on its YouTube page.

I contacted Billboard to ask him if this is the first time that a video game soundtrack has ranked in the top 100 of current albums.

But it is a clear indicator of the continuing cultural significance of Tetris and now Tetris Effect. Tetris started out as a simple Russian computer game. It is now one of the most played games ever created. Tetris Effect took the timeless fundamentals of Tetris and then hooked them to a moving audiovisual sensory experience. Its interactive soundtrack is key to this game, but it’s also worth listening to on its own.

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