The Elite: Dangerous Odyssey expansion will launch without VR

The Elite: Dangerous Odyssey expansion will launch without VR

The huge Odyssey extension for Elite: Dangerous coming in early 2021 will not be VR compatible “for launch”.

UploadVR confirmed with Border developments that the planet-based addition to its popular cockpit-based space game won’t have VR compatibility, at least initially.

“We are big fans of VR, and we are really proud of the incredible experience we are currently offering in Elite Dangerous. However, the new gameplay, mechanics and features that will be introduced with Elite Dangerous: Odyssey mean that we have to reconsider if we could offer this same experience without compromise, which, for the launch, means that Odyssey will not be VR compatible, ”explains an email from a Frontier Developments representative.

In a follow-up email, we confirmed that VR support is still an open option sometime after launch, “according to the company,”

Odyssey downloadable content for Elite Dangerous will allow players to disembark from their ships and “explore distant worlds on foot and expand the border of known space” and “explore with unlimited freedom”. Players will be able to “accept a wide variety of contracts and play as you please, from diplomacy and trade to deadly stealth and all-out combat. Various settings, objectives and NPCs offer a variety of endless missions and an almost infinite amount of content. “

There will also be social hubs which are public outposts where players can “form alliances, procure services and even find support from highly sought-after engineers” as well as upgrade weapons and weapons. ‘equipment. Odyssey will also include first-person combat.

The game’s recent Carriers update still includes VR support, but Odyssey is too much like a deviation from the cockpit-centered game to make the inclusion of VR an easy update. Still, virtual reality in the cockpit-based base game with its massively multiplayer universe could create some interesting combinations when the update arrives next year.

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