Valorant and Twitch build symbiotic relationship of success

Valorant and Twitch build symbiotic relationship of success

Online video continues to attract more and more eyeballs while people are stuck at home. But it also led to a huge launch of Riots Valorant competitive shooter, which also fuels the growth of Tic. Valorant and Twitch have formed a symbiotic relationship that allows us to strengthen each other in terms of engagement and interest. And that was evident in the numbers of viewers for the game on Twitch in April, according to data tracking from StreamElements and

Fans watched 334 million hours of Valorant on Twitch last month. This makes it by far the most popular category on the video site in April. Riot was able to increase interest in the game by leaving selected streamers in the closed beta. But then he also took advantage of these partnerships by giving people a chance to participate as well if they watched any of these live streams when signed in to Twitch and a Riot account. Valorant reached a peak of 1.7 million simultaneous viewers on April 7.

“Valorant and its landmarks have shown that the days of launching a game by simply sowing it with the best influencers have definitely changed for those who want to optimize the live broadcast landscape,” said Doron Nir, CEO of StreamElements . “By allowing only certain closed beta streamers to offer deletions of beta keys allowing other players to participate, these beta keys have become the key to success in attracting players and the public, while acting as great proof of concept that there are still new ways to leverage technology to increase the impact of a game. “

You can see how win-win this is for everyone involved. Twitch streamers and partners get huge numbers of viewers. Riot, meanwhile, is optimizing its marketing expenses.

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Twitch is up significantly as people continue to avoid public gatherings

While Valorant is a huge factor in accelerating Twitch’s growth, it’s clear that more people are just looking for affordable home entertainment. Many countries around the world continue to face COVID-19 and the coronavirus. In response, hundreds of millions of people avoid contamination by staying at home.

Once you have reviewed Office for the fifth time, it may be time to check out what’s going on Twitch. And many people do just that.

“The on-site shelter mandate has clearly increased the number of hours broadcast live, strengthening an industry that already had a solid upward trajectory,” said Nir. “The time spent watching live broadcasts has not only increased significantly from month to month, but it has increased by almost 100% from year to year, with our hope that it will continue to be a major vehicle for entertainment in the years to come. “

Twitch’s game content increased 98% from 750 million hours watched to 1,491 million hours viewed. But it’s not the only platform that is growing.

“One of the biggest success stories of the live streaming platform is Facebook Gaming,” said Nir. “The recent launch of its standalone game app and multiple celebrity-led tournaments has managed to boost its numbers. And the success of Twitch’s Stream Aid concert has cemented it as a leading platform for musicians and other performing artists. With games, music and other major pop culture events likely to be relegated to digital formats for the rest of this year, the time has come for brands to double their highly strategic online initiatives that leverage latest technologies to go beyond basic technologies. . “

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