Zynga teases Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells match-3 mobile game

Zynga teases Harry Potter: Puzzles & Spells match-3 mobile game

Zynga teased the appearance and gameplay of Harry Potter: Puzzles and spells, a new match-3 mobile game produced in partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The company today released its first video (part of this story) of the game. Bernard Kim, president of publishing at Zynga, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the game is in limited testing in places like the Philippines, and will be launched after the company receives feedback from its users.

“The game is in progressive launch and is doing very well,” said Kim.

The game may not be officially released this quarter, as Zynga CEO Frank Gibeau said in a call for results that the company plans to launch new games in the second half. Kim said fans should stay tuned for an official date later.

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In the trailer, you can see iconic locations from J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter universe, from platform nine and three-quarters and from Diagon Alley, to Hogwarts Express and the Grand Staircase at Hogwarts. The video takes players on an advanced tour of some of the settings they will visit as they progress through the puzzle game.

“We actually groped to find out more about this game and show visuals,” said Kim. “We are developing the first Harry Potter match-3 mobile game experience. But what you’ll see in the trailer are all of the iconic moments and the memorable faces and places from the Harry Potter series. “

All the art of the trailer comes from the real game.

Kim said: “We are very excited about this partnership, and we want fans to know that we will bring all these incredible moments that will bring back these incredible feelings of nostalgia and memory for players around the world. You are embarking on an experience puzzle game, and then you interact with key characters and backgrounds from iconic locations. “

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